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We are a crypto venture capital fund that invests in startups and early stage projects with high growth potential.


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Financial Investment

Identifying and investing in innovative blockchain technology

Exit Strategy

Strategize exits that align interests of both portfolio companies and investors

Strategic Guidance

Providing valuable perspectives that contribute to the overall growth and sustainability

Advising Startups

Our commitment to the success of the startups in our portfolio goes beyond providing financial backing

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As a dynamic and forward-thinking crypto venture capital fund, we maintain a readiness to invest in any business that demonstrates compelling potential within the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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Golden Whale Capital invested $200,000 into our seed funding round and helped us build important strategic partnerships

~ Stephen H.

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Financial Startup

We are supporting decentralized finance (DeFi) platform startups that leverage blockchain and technologies to revolutionize traditional financial systems.

Decentralized Energy Company

We strive to collaborate closely with decentralized energy companies, providing strategic guidance, fostering partnerships, and leveraging our network.

Metaverse Development

Pioneering the development of metaverse technologies, ranging from virtual reality (VR) platforms to blockchain-based digital assets within virtual worlds.

Security Healthcare Protocol

The integration of blockchain technology in healthcare protocols has the potential to revolutionize the security and privacy of sensitive medical data.

Media & Entertainment DAO

Decentralized entities have the potential to redefine content creation, distribution, and ownership by empowering creators and consumers alike.

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These projects span various sectors within the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, reflecting our commitment to supporting visionary startups at the forefront of technological advancement.